Who we are

We are a boutique hotel with wonderful service. We offer the best location of all, close to the city and in an environment of privacy and nature. We have 9 guest rooms different in size and décor.

We are a hidden tropical getaway in the city.

We love the green vegetation that creates a peaceful atmosphere. The cozy spaces including hammocks where you can read and enjoy nature The sound of birds that wake you up in the morning. The evening’s scents in a serene and romantic environment. The complimentary seasonal fruit juices, just ask for them.

Our Origins

We are a family with respect for nature. We are an eco-friendly Hotel. We believe in good practices to help our world. We utilize solar energy to solve part of our needs and LED lights. We recycle and reuse materials. Water saving is also a large priority; we encourage our guests to reuse towels. Our recycle effort starts in every room and reaches all areas of the hotel. We separate glass from plastic, and donate all recycle materials to a local organization “los Pipitos”. We are a non- smoking hotel but have some smoking areas.

Also, preserve and promote our cultural heritage. We appreciate and value the work of our people and what they produce to make a living. The furniture is made by local craftsmen, and the hand woven textiles and Huipiles are made by Mayan women in Guatemala. This explains why you will find that all the furniture and decor is made by artisans.

We want to preserve the authenticity of our cultural heritage and show the many artistic manifestations of our artisans and craftsmen who are true artist. .